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Redundant files removed.

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Set Alias$@RunType_FF9 /<Obey$Dir>
Set Alias$@PrintType_FF9 /<Obey$Dir> -print
The Paint application allows you to create and edit
sprite files. A sprite file contains one or more
graphic images, each stored as a bitmap.
RMEnsure UtilityModule 3.50 Error This version of Paint requires RISC OS 3.50
RMEnsure SpriteExtend 0.80 Error This version of Paint requires Sprite Extend 0.80
If "<Wimp$ScrapDir>"="" then Error Paint requires a scrap directory: open a directory that contains the Scrap application
Set Paint$Dir <Obey$Dir>
Set Paint$Path <Obey$Dir>.,Resources:$.Resources.Paint.
WIMPSlot -min 384K
WIMPSlot -max 352K
/<Paint$Dir>.!RunImage %*0
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