Commit ab784d97 authored by Jeffrey Lee's avatar Jeffrey Lee Committed by ROOL
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Sprite compatibility report fix

As documented in PRM5A, RISC OS 3.5 doesn't support new-format sprites
which have masks. Update the sprite info dialogue "compatibility" field
to reflect this, reporting that the sprite is compatible with RISC OS
3.6 instead.
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......@@ -333,8 +333,8 @@ static void display_sprite_info (main_sprite *sprite)
case SpriteType_New8bpp:
case SpriteType_New16bpp:
case SpriteType_New32bpp:
/* 3.5 */
dbox_setfield(d, d_Info_Compat, msgs_lookup("PntG9"));
/* 3.5 or 3.6 (3.5 doesn't allow palettes) */
dbox_setfield(d, d_Info_Compat, msgs_lookup(info.palette ? "PntGJ" : "PntG9"));
case SpriteType_CMYK:
case 16+SpriteType_CMYK:
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