Commit 129e5e5a authored by Robert Sprowson's avatar Robert Sprowson
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Tweak disc !Run for RMEnsure of SpriteExtend

Version 0.99 was the generally available version, looking at the change logs 0.80 was an internal QA copy.
Retagged as Paint-2_10.
parent aa118467
RMEnsure UtilityModule 3.50 Error This version of Paint requires RISC OS 3.50
RMEnsure SpriteExtend 0.80 Error This version of Paint requires Sprite Extend 0.80
RMEnsure SpriteExtend 0.99 Error This version of Paint requires SpriteExtend 0.99
If "<Wimp$ScrapDir>"="" then Error Paint requires a scrap directory: open a directory that contains the Scrap application
Set Paint$Dir <Obey$Dir>
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