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    Fix rendering issues in new screen modes. Add basic support for new sprite types. · fafa11de
    Jeffrey Lee authored
      c/Main, c/PSprite, h/main - Update window background rendering & sprite translation table caching to work properly with new screen modes.
      c/Main, c/Menus, c/PSprite, h/PSprite, h/main - Code to generate description text for sprite colour count now uses new shared function, psprite_get_colours(), which understands the new sprite formats and won't crash horribly if given something unknown.
      Tested on BB-xM with new format sprites and new screen modes
      Needs extending to report more info about new format sprites (RGB order, alpha channel, wide mask, etc.) along with relevant editing facilities.
      Part of an implementation of the Extended Framebuffer Format spec:
    Version 2.15. Tagged as 'Paint-2_15'
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