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    Colour handling fixes · b886fe56
    ROOL authored
      * Menus rearranged so "Advanced" is renamed "Palette options"; "Extra click for input focus" moved to the Paint menu.
      * The "Highlight background colour" menu option has been removed to simplify the interface.
      * To address all the differences of opinion around the artist-friendly palette arrangement, the default behaviour is to not show the confirmation dialogue box plus a further menu option "Rearrange user palettes" (ticked by default).
        If the latter's unticked, the remapping to artist-friendly (upon Edit palette) will never take place; if it's ticked, the remapping will always take place except when the confirmation box is enabled and the user clicks Default.
      * Greyed out palette options when there's not a full/default 256-colour palette, as appropriate.
      * Help text updated to reflect these changes.
      Submission for the Paint bounty.
    Version 2.28. Tagged as 'Paint-2_28'
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