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    Fix abort when sorting the sprites by name and one or more sprite viewers are... · 52984de9
    Robert Sprowson authored
    Fix abort when sorting the sprites by name and one or more sprite viewers are open, also massively simplified it since the copying around of main_sprite blocks was pointless - much simpler to just rejoin the linked list leaving the data in place.
    *Tidy up
     Delete awk.*, change to use central 'AwkVers' script.
     Delete h.types.
     Delete h.Paint, it's a duplicate of h.main.
     Delete writepixel, swap to using the one in RISCOS_Lib
     Retire 'h.fixes', switches collapsed, bugfixes proven after 18 years use.
     Cast away some warnings.
     Sprinkled in some consts, moved pointer qualifiers to get syntax colouring
     Remove local SWI defines, read from <swis.h> now.
     !MkInstall now installs into <Install$Dir>.Apps
    *Little UI changes
     Make the colour number in the colour picker be in the right place vertically
     and correct horizontal position of 'T' and 'E' for ECFs.
     In the create new sprite dialogue box the 32k and 16M options are shaded
     when a palette is requested, this avoids the problem of selecting a deep
     colour mode (which trapped the radio icon in a shaded paletted selection).
     The 'Selection' menu is now shaded when there are zero sprites in the
    *Sprite filer
     Fix tiled main window fill to work in EX0 modes and not overwrite in EX2
     modes (was using the sprite's mode word not the current mode to deduce eigen
     factors), leading to odd chequer board areas not being redrawn.
     Refactored main_clear_background() to use stronger typing of RISC_OSLib
     rather than _swix where possible.
     A failure to get the Wimp pixel translation table now falls back to solid
     Double clicking on a sprite in the sprite file window no longer leaves it
     selected, to mimic the filer.
     Set DISPLAY_MARGIN to 0 to counter for the recent increase from 32 to 40
     of main_FILER_TextHeight
     Added 'Sort by size' after 'Sort by name'
    Version 2.02. Tagged as 'Paint-2_02'
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