1. 27 Mar, 2021 1 commit
    • Chris Wraight's avatar
      Bug fixes · e7ba1c44
      Chris Wraight authored
      A number of fixes following testing of recent changes:
      - PROCinsert_gate: Ensure pointers to music data are preserved when the Gate heap block is resized, to prevent possible corruption
      - PROCmove_note: Call to PROCSetupBarStarts is superfluous here, since it's called later on
      - PROCplay_notes: Fix calculation of tie lengths
      - PROCdraw_notes: Ensure dots are positioned correctly after staggered notes
      - A number of Maestro files tested have key signatures of 1/x. It's not clear how these were created (the interface has never allowed it) but since such signatures are technically legal, add sprites to display them correctly when encountered. Also extend the interface to allow them to be entered into scores. These bar lengths seem to cause the scrolling to become a little jerky but otherwise appear to work fine.
      Version 2.17. Tagged as 'Maestro-2_17'
  2. 10 Feb, 2021 1 commit
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      Add Chords · 29a59e31
      Chris Wraight authored
        Maestro doesn't have any concept of chords, so notes in the same x column are just
        overlaid on one another. In the case of notes with barbs (quavers, etc) this can result
        in messy or unintelligible layouts. 'Staggered' notes (where note heads are in too close
        proximity and need to be nudged) are just shifted right, with no proper algorithm to
        determine which note heads need to be moved or where they should go. To address this
        - Expand Note blocks to 1 word to make space to hold more data
        - Calculate Chord and Stagger data for Notes within Gates
        - Update typesetting routines to space and redraw chords accurately
        Tested with a variety of Maestro files
      Version 2.15. Tagged as 'Maestro-2_15'
  3. 04 Nov, 2020 1 commit
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      Improvements to tie handling · 87f67c8f
      Chris Wraight authored
      -Ties can be now be over or under the note.
      -Only notes in the current or next bar are checked for being tied to.
      -The tie sprite is scaled to match the gap between notes.
      -Ties can no longer be attached to rests.
      -Deleting the second note also deletes the tie.
      Version 2.14. Tagged as 'Maestro-2_14'
  4. 02 Feb, 2019 1 commit
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      Further UI improvements · b693b127
      ROOL authored
      - Barline popup menu is now the right width for the title string
      - Toolbar opens at the right size if the main window is very wide on first open
      - MIDI channel menu handles ticks correctly
      - Audio output is only set when the dialogue box's Set button is clicked
      - Double barlines implemented in printing as well as on screen
      - Double barlines, key signatures and time signatures positioned and spaced more accurately
      - Tweaks to sprite handling to ensure correct alignment in all screen modes (sdsqu, sharp, squ, streble)
        Submission from Chris Wraight
      Version 2.11. Tagged as 'Maestro-2_11'
  5. 08 Dec, 2018 1 commit
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      User interface overhaul · 720a9d0e
      ROOL authored
        Largely rewritten interface, designed to be more Style Guide compliant, as well as enabling easy addition of new features. Key changes are:
        * New templates, sprites, messages and supporting Wimp code. Some bugs squashed. Menus and dialogue boxes redesigned
        * Keypresses and input focus added
        * Breve, semibreve and minim rests are now properly distinguished and given their own sprites and positions
        * Double barlines can be added
        * The only other functional change is that if MIDI is present Maestro no longer sends music to both the internal system and the MIDI device when playing. The user can select which one to use from the Instruments window, and there is a tidier method of selecting MIDI channels.
        Submission from Chris Wraight.
      Version 2.10. Tagged as 'Maestro-2_10'
  6. 10 Jun, 2017 1 commit
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      Time signature and positional improvements · df537fce
      ROOL authored
        * Time signatures are now displayed as sprites, both on screen and printed
        * Take the plunge and delete the sprites that are unused
        * Some minor positioning tweaks and updates to the sprite files
        Submission from Chris Wraight.
      Version 2.03. Tagged as 'Maestro-2_03'
  7. 27 May, 2017 1 commit
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      Update sprites to use 16 colours (greys) · d1726911
      ROOL authored
        Improve the visual appearance of scores by using blended graphics.
        Only the sprite set in use is now held in memory, previously unused sets were too, and add support for EX0 EY0 modes.
        Sprites updated based on bitmap captures of the PMS font by Richard Hallas, with kind permission.
        Submission from Chris Wraight.
      Version 2.02. Tagged as 'Maestro-2_02'