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    Bug fixes · e7ba1c44
    Chris Wraight authored
    A number of fixes following testing of recent changes:
    - PROCinsert_gate: Ensure pointers to music data are preserved when the Gate heap block is resized, to prevent possible corruption
    - PROCmove_note: Call to PROCSetupBarStarts is superfluous here, since it's called later on
    - PROCplay_notes: Fix calculation of tie lengths
    - PROCdraw_notes: Ensure dots are positioned correctly after staggered notes
    - A number of Maestro files tested have key signatures of 1/x. It's not clear how these were created (the interface has never allowed it) but since such signatures are technically legal, add sprites to display them correctly when encountered. Also extend the interface to allow them to be entered into scores. These bar lengths seem to cause the scrolling to become a little jerky but otherwise appear to work fine.
    Version 2.17. Tagged as 'Maestro-2_17'