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    User interface overhaul · 720a9d0e
    ROOL authored
      Largely rewritten interface, designed to be more Style Guide compliant, as well as enabling easy addition of new features. Key changes are:
      * New templates, sprites, messages and supporting Wimp code. Some bugs squashed. Menus and dialogue boxes redesigned
      * Keypresses and input focus added
      * Breve, semibreve and minim rests are now properly distinguished and given their own sprites and positions
      * Double barlines can be added
      * The only other functional change is that if MIDI is present Maestro no longer sends music to both the internal system and the MIDI device when playing. The user can select which one to use from the Instruments window, and there is a tidier method of selecting MIDI channels.
      Submission from Chris Wraight.
    Version 2.10. Tagged as 'Maestro-2_10'