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    Add Chords · 29a59e31
    Chris Wraight authored
      Maestro doesn't have any concept of chords, so notes in the same x column are just
      overlaid on one another. In the case of notes with barbs (quavers, etc) this can result
      in messy or unintelligible layouts. 'Staggered' notes (where note heads are in too close
      proximity and need to be nudged) are just shifted right, with no proper algorithm to
      determine which note heads need to be moved or where they should go. To address this
      - Expand Note blocks to 1 word to make space to hold more data
      - Calculate Chord and Stagger data for Notes within Gates
      - Update typesetting routines to space and redraw chords accurately
      Tested with a variety of Maestro files
    Version 2.15. Tagged as 'Maestro-2_15'