Commit a8d6b3bf authored by Alan Glover's avatar Alan Glover

Add ROM resource files

parent da46ab2c
| Allow other applications to start help by mentioning <Help$Start>,
| rather than giving the absolute pathname.
Set Help$Start Resources:$.Resources.Help
| Load application sprites
Iconsprites <Help$Start>.!Sprites22
| !Run for !Help
| Check if Help is already running
If "<Help$Dir>"<>"" Then Error Help is already running
Set Help$Dir Resources:$.Resources.Help
| Ensure high enough OS version
RMEnsure UtilityModule 3.10 Error This version of Help requires RISC OS 3.1 or later.
| Ensure correct Toolbox modules
RMEnsure Toolbox 1.36 RMLoad System:modules.toolbox.toolbox
RMEnsure Toolbox 1.36 Error You need Toolbox 1.36 or later to run Help
RMEnsure Window 1.41 RMLoad System:modules.toolbox.window
RMEnsure Window 1.41 Error You need Window 1.41 or later to run Help.
RMEnsure Menu 0.28 RMLoad
RMEnsure Menu 0.28 Error You need Menu 0.28 or later to run Help.
RMEnsure Iconbar 1.13 RMLoad System:modules.toolbox.iconbar
RMEnsure Iconbar 1.13 Error You need Iconbar 1.13 or later to run Help.
RMEnsure ProgInfo 0.09 RMLoad System:modules.toolbox.proginfo
RMEnsure ProgInfo 0.09 Error You need ProgInfo 0.09 or later to run Help.
RMEnsure FontMenu 0.17 RMLoad System:modules.toolbox.fontmenu
RMEnsure FontMenu 0.17 Error You need FontMenu 0.17 or later to run Help.
| Start the application
Wimpslot -min 64k -max 64k
Run <Help$Dir>.!RunImage
\ No newline at end of file
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