1. 05 Sep, 2020 1 commit
    • Ben Avison's avatar
      Minor improvements · a99b2e7b
      Ben Avison authored
      A few misfeatures were discovered when rewriting the Makefile (see next
      commit). These fixes affect the binary outputs:
      * Module builds (the normal case) were disabling stack limit checks. Yet the
        code executes in USR mode with a chunked stack in application space, so this
        is potentially unsafe because it could lead to untrapped stack overflows.
      * The `Export` file was being unconditionally reinstalled in ResourceFS at
        runtime, duplicating the file that is installed via the Messages module.
      * Application (disc and debug) builds were linking with the RISC_OSLib binary
        that was intended for module targets.
      * WimpSlot size in application builds was too small to permit it to run.
  2. 12 Aug, 2005 1 commit
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      Tiny tweaks to !Run and !Boot files · 4cc5522d
      Steve Revill authored
        Made !Run and !Boot files slightly less messy and added an IconSprites
        command to !Boot.
        No code change - works in baseline 517
      Version 1.64. Tagged as 'Edit-1_64'
  3. 05 Nov, 1996 1 commit