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    Fix ROM resources phase to not install !Sprites22 · 1831b70a
    Robert Sprowson authored
    When in ROM there's no need to stuff the sprites into ResourceFS since they're in the Wimp pool. Moreover, only !Sprites22 was being installed, so if booting into a low res mode !Edit wouldn't start because !Sprites was not found.
    * Ammended Makefile to not do sprites during resources
    * Ammended Makefile to do both resolution sprites for the disc install
    * Used StdTools and ModuleLibs shared makefiles
    * Resolved some of the easy warnings
    * Changed to use '_Version' as the info box token, so allowing use of the centralised AwkVers script
    * Added ROM !Boot file (as !Draw has) which is a cutdown version of the disc one
    Tested briefly, still loads files and opens task windows OK.
    Version 1.66. Tagged as 'Edit-1_66'
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