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Redundant header removed - no uses RISC_OSLib:h.jpeg.

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/* Copyright 1996 Acorn Computers Ltd
* Licensed under the Apache License, Version 2.0 (the "License");
* you may not use this file except in compliance with the License.
* You may obtain a copy of the License at
* Unless required by applicable law or agreed to in writing, software
* distributed under the License is distributed on an "AS IS" BASIS,
* See the License for the specific language governing permissions and
* limitations under the License.
#ifndef jpeg_H
#define jpeg_H
/* C header file for JPEG
* Copyright Acorn Computers Ltd, 1994
* SWI names and SWI reason codes *
#undef JPEG_Info
#define JPEG_Info 0x49980
#undef XJPEG_Info
#define XJPEG_Info 0x69980
#undef JPEGInfo_Dimensions
#define JPEGInfo_Dimensions 0x1
#undef JPEG_FileInfo
#define JPEG_FileInfo 0x49981
#undef XJPEG_FileInfo
#define XJPEG_FileInfo 0x69981
#undef JPEGFileInfo_Dimensions
#define JPEGFileInfo_Dimensions 0x1
#undef JPEG_PlotScaled
#define JPEG_PlotScaled 0x49982
#undef XJPEG_PlotScaled
#define XJPEG_PlotScaled 0x69982
#undef JPEG_PlotFileScaled
#define JPEG_PlotFileScaled 0x49983
#undef XJPEG_PlotFileScaled
#define XJPEG_PlotFileScaled 0x69983
#undef JPEG_PlotTransformed
#define JPEG_PlotTransformed 0x49984
#undef XJPEG_PlotTransformed
#define XJPEG_PlotTransformed 0x69984
#undef JPEG_PlotFileTransformed
#define JPEG_PlotFileTransformed 0x49985
#undef XJPEG_PlotFileTransformed
#define XJPEG_PlotFileTransformed 0x69985
#undef JPEG_PDriverIntercept
#define JPEG_PDriverIntercept 0x49986
#undef XJPEG_PDriverIntercept
#define XJPEG_PDriverIntercept 0x69986
* Structure and union declarations *
typedef struct jpeg_image jpeg_image;
* Type definitions *
struct jpeg_image
{ int i [1];
#define jpeg_IMAGE(N) \
struct \
{ int i [N]; \
#define jpeg_SIZEOF_IMAGE(N) \
((N)*sizeof ((jpeg_image *) NULL)->i)
* Constant definitions *
#define jpeg_INFO_MONOCHROME 0x1u
#define jpeg_INFO_NO_TRFM 0x2u
#define jpeg_INFO_DPI_UNKNOWN 0x4u
#define jpeg_PLOT_SCALE_DITHERED 0x1u
#define jpeg_PLOT_GIVEN_RECTANGLE 0x1u
#define jpeg_FILE_TYPE 3205
* Function declarations *
/* ------------------------------------------------------------------------
* Function: jpeginfo_dimensions()
* Description: Returns the dimensions of a JPEG image in memory
* Input: image - value of R1 on entry
* size - value of R2 on entry
* Output: info_flags - value of R0 on exit (X version only)
* width - value of R2 on exit
* height - value of R3 on exit
* xdpi - value of R4 on exit
* ydpi - value of R5 on exit
* Returns: R0 (non-X version only)
* Other notes: Calls SWI 0x49980 with R0 = 0x1.
extern os_error *xjpeginfo_dimensions (jpeg_image *image,
int size,
unsigned int *info_flags,
int *width,
int *height,
int *xdpi,
int *ydpi);
/* ------------------------------------------------------------------------
* Function: jpeg_plot_scaled()
* Description: Plots a JPEG image from memory
* Input: image - value of R0 on entry
* x - value of R1 on entry
* y - value of R2 on entry
* factors - value of R3 on entry
* size - value of R4 on entry
* flags - value of R5 on entry
* Other notes: Calls SWI 0x49982.
extern os_error *xjpeg_plot_scaled (jpeg_image *image,
int x,
int y,
sprite_factors *factors,
int size,
unsigned int flags);
/* ------------------------------------------------------------------------
* Function: jpeg_plot_transformed()
* Description: Plots a JPEG image from memory using a transformation
* matrix
* Input: image - value of R0 on entry
* flags - value of R1 on entry
* trfm_or_rect - value of R2 on entry
* size - value of R3 on entry
* Other notes: Calls SWI 0x49984.
extern os_error *xjpeg_plot_transformed (jpeg_image *image,
unsigned int flags,
drawmod_transmat trfm_or_rect,
int size);
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