1. 27 Sep, 2021 1 commit
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      Raise the image line/area limits to 8k · e20288dd
      Robert Sprowson authored
      Increase the max next slot to process lines to > 8k.
      Increase the max work area for internal images to allow 8k x 8k.
      Given a choice of creating a large dynamic area or using the app slot, prefer the latter.
      Fix bug reusing a stale area address when trying to process an image > max work area:
      1. ChangeFSI switches to buffer via file mode
      2. On completion of processing the buffer is freed, but the area address returned anyway
      3. Desktop front end tries to read the sprite name from the (now absent) area,
         leading to an abort in ReturnName in the kernel's sprite handler
      this would complete correctly if done via the command line.
      Tested with a 7200x5400 PNG. Now loads correctly on a large memory machine, and reports "Can't get enough memory to process image" on a 64MB Risc PC.
      Fixes https://www.riscosopen.org/forum/forums/1/topics/3977?page=5#posts-125179
      Version 1.66. Tagged as 'ChangeFSI-1_66'
  2. 13 Mar, 2021 1 commit
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      Fix for error with PNG write at 8bpp or lower · 16c77b96
      ROOL authored
        Outputting a PNG via the desktop frontend at 8bpp or lower would report
        an 'Undimensioned array' error because the colourindex arrays were missing.
        Temporarily create these during the save operation.
      Version 1.65. Tagged as 'ChangeFSI-1_65'
  3. 20 Feb, 2021 2 commits
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      Remove 2D templates, minor 16bpp improvements · 61dc9f3e
      ROOL authored
        * Remove support for pre 'NewLook' 2D templates
        * Correct interactive help messages for square/rectangular sprite output (broken in ChangeFSI-1_63)
        * Distinguish between 4k/32k/64k modes when the output mode is the current mode
      Version 1.64. Tagged as 'ChangeFSI-1_64'
    • ROOL's avatar
      Add PNG output option · a5eb5af3
      ROOL authored
        The front end adds a new 'PNG output' menu, taking its cues from the Sprite output menu, minus those options that don't make sense for Portable Network Graphics.
        Internally, the image is processed as though a sprite (this is needed because the output window is rendered by the OS and the OS has no built in PNG support) then converted to PNG on the fly during saving.
        The choices file is extended to save/recall the output window settings as appropriate.
        Submission for PNG bounty.
  4. 16 Nov, 2018 1 commit
    • Robert Sprowson's avatar
      Add 4k and 64k sprite output options · 8684555c
      Robert Sprowson authored
      Update ChangeFSI's 16bpp output code paths to convert to 4k and 64k sprites (as well as the pre existing 32k RISC OS 3.5 style).
      Also, simplify the sprite output dialogue a little by grouping the colours together and the DPI as an option, to halve the number of radio buttons.
      If ChangeFSI is run on a kernel without 4k/64k support, those two depths are greyed out in the GUI (since after processing the desktop frontend expects to SpriteOp plot them), however at the command line the 2 new depths are always available (as S12 and S16).
      ChangeFSI: Add the conversion code
      DesktopFE: Rework dialogue with fewer radio icons, add fading logic
      Version 1.63. Tagged as 'ChangeFSI-1_63'
  5. 30 Sep, 2018 2 commits
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      Further docs improvements · 8728ed25
      Robert Sprowson authored
      Output formats were only partially described, and supported
      * Mention IRLAM output format switch in the CmdBasUse docs, add an example to the tests
      * Explain what 'p15' is in CmdBasUse (was only explained in the input formats docs)
      * Prefer S15 to S16
      Delete support for C15 output. This appears to have been experimental as the resulting output had an embedded comment saying YUV but the data that followed was identical to a P15 RGB image. Also, ChangeFSI refused to load the C15 image it just wrote.
      Delete support for S24 output switch. This was an undocumented alias for S32.
      Add S15 as a possible output mode and prefer its use for 32k sprites - freeing up S16 for future 64k sprite support (and, logically S12 for 4k sprites).
      Retagged as 'ChangeFSI-1_62'
    • Robert Sprowson's avatar
      Docs improvement · 36ff2a02
      Robert Sprowson authored
      Mention how to release the sprite area when called as a library.
      Use TRUE/FALSE for things that are notionally documented as booleans.
      Version 1.62. Tagged as 'ChangeFSI-1_62'
  6. 04 Nov, 2016 2 commits
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      [236] Adjust scaling factors to avoid righthand/bottom edge conditions · 8b8e0392
      Robert Sprowson authored
      source/ChangeFSI: After rounding up the scaled output size, recalculate the div/mul factors so they produce a whole number of pixels instead of falling off the end of the input array and mixing in black.
      source/DesktopFE: Remove dead variable "safe%" and change tofitx/tofity to integers.
      Minor clarification in CmdBasUse documentation.
      Tested with a 100x100 green sprite, scaled by 5:3/5:3 and 3:7/3:7. Fixes ticket #236.
      Version 1.59. Tagged as 'ChangeFSI-1_59'
    • Robert Sprowson's avatar
      Split large source file into 2 · f17ade0a
      Robert Sprowson authored
      Move 1500 lines of the desktop front end into 'DesktopFE', to help see the distinction.