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    ChangeFSI changes · c181e52d
    Ben Avison authored
      Main ChangeFSI program changed to assemble new instructions on ROL OS
      versions without "No such mnemonic" error. Also changed to handle
      _Version: token in messages file.
      Added "stripdepnd Makefile" to !MkClean.
      Makefile locks destination !Sprites and !Sprites22 files, because
      everything else is being locked.
      Makefile altered to use new centalised awkscript to keep version numbers
      updated. (Note that ChangeFSI has a slightly odd makefile, so this
      shouldn't be used as an example of how to modify Makefiles to use the new
      awk version script.)
      Window menu fixed to be style guide compliant.
      Requires Library 1.32
      Tested on RiscPC RO402
      Changes by James Lampard.
    Version 1.28. Tagged as 'ChangeFSI-1_28'
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