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    Further docs improvements · 8728ed25
    Robert Sprowson authored
    Output formats were only partially described, and supported
    * Mention IRLAM output format switch in the CmdBasUse docs, add an example to the tests
    * Explain what 'p15' is in CmdBasUse (was only explained in the input formats docs)
    * Prefer S15 to S16
    Delete support for C15 output. This appears to have been experimental as the resulting output had an embedded comment saying YUV but the data that followed was identical to a P15 RGB image. Also, ChangeFSI refused to load the C15 image it just wrote.
    Delete support for S24 output switch. This was an undocumented alias for S32.
    Add S15 as a possible output mode and prefer its use for 32k sprites - freeing up S16 for future 64k sprite support (and, logically S12 for 4k sprites).
    Retagged as 'ChangeFSI-1_62'
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