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    Add 4k and 64k sprite output options · 8684555c
    Robert Sprowson authored
    Update ChangeFSI's 16bpp output code paths to convert to 4k and 64k sprites (as well as the pre existing 32k RISC OS 3.5 style).
    Also, simplify the sprite output dialogue a little by grouping the colours together and the DPI as an option, to halve the number of radio buttons.
    If ChangeFSI is run on a kernel without 4k/64k support, those two depths are greyed out in the GUI (since after processing the desktop frontend expects to SpriteOp plot them), however at the command line the 2 new depths are always available (as S12 and S16).
    ChangeFSI: Add the conversion code
    DesktopFE: Rework dialogue with fewer radio icons, add fading logic
    Version 1.63. Tagged as 'ChangeFSI-1_63'
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