1. 11 Jan, 2020 2 commits
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      Build fixes · 304956a0
      ROOL authored
        Various other components have moved/changed since last touched due to makefile refactoring and similar. Update Browse so it builds again:
        * UnicodeLib's object file got renamed
        * HTTP on disc module name changed
        * URI's header file moved to Interface
        Took part in a Browse build. Resulting browser loaded ROOL homepage.
      Version 2.17. Tagged as 'Browse-2_17'
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      Get version from VersionASM · bee96226
      ROOL authored
        Changed messages file to _Version tag, and used awk script to insert it at build time.
  2. 13 Dec, 2014 1 commit
  3. 24 Apr, 2009 1 commit
  4. 19 Oct, 2007 2 commits
  5. 18 Oct, 2007 2 commits
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      Added damaged file. · c6c772b5
      Andrew Hodgkinson authored
        At some point, TBevents.h got damaged in the repository - probably during
        repository-level modification or licence addition. To solve the problem
        I've simply deleted the file from the repository and am now re-adding it
        clean, though this does mean it loses its history.
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      Multiple application fixes to work in Batch Two environment. · c39dd84b
      Andrew Hodgkinson authored
        As summary.
        Tested in prototype Batch Two build environment on an Iyonix.
  6. 16 Mar, 2006 1 commit
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      Couple of bug fixes. · f427a622
      Andrew Hodgkinson authored
        Triangular line end caps in Draw files now drawn in line colour. Header
        and footer special fields much more reliable; date formats better
        handled; "!!" and "!%" should work properly in both.
        Tested fairly heavily, works as expected. This release does not address
        the crash Steve R has seen with images on the BBC news site, since I've
        not yet been able to reproduce it.
      Version 2.13. Tagged as 'Browse-2_13'
  7. 13 Mar, 2006 1 commit
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      PDF export, some major redraw structural changes, updated resources, new build... · 080840ee
      Andrew Hodgkinson authored
      PDF export, some major redraw structural changes, updated resources, new build system, extensive Makefile modifications, const/restrict additions, various bug fixes.
        PDF export facility. SEE Docs.User FOR DETAILS (important!). Includes
        UI for headers/footers in Choices and option switch in Print dialogue
        box. Minor bug fixes include printing bullet points and, at long last,
        the "print dialogue box contents are not set up" problem. Redraw engine
        now based entirely on function pointers. Draw export routine replaces
        screen output functions with Draw output functions; PDF does similar.
        Coordinate scaling system in Scale.c/h to help. Makefile changes: Now
        supports a more consistent set of build variants and has minimal
        duplication of object and library lists. New build system: !Mk...
        script files removed, FrontEnd tool !MkBrowse replaces it. See !ReadMe
        (replacing old ReadMe) in root for details. Requires FrontEnd 1.29,
        HTMLLib 0.02 and ImageLib 0.04 (by CVS VersionNum). Updated resources:
        Some attempt to bring all variants to a working level, but not much
        testing. Only the Phoenix JavaScript capable builds (Unicode or normal)
        are fully up to date, though, including PDF UI additions. Many other
        minor tweaks, and extensive use of const and restrict qualifiers
        propagated through source code in response to their use in the new
        redraw system.
        Draw and PDF export tested quite heavily. Appears to work well. Text
        file 'Docs.User' describes limitations. Note required new module and
        library versions listed above. Note that only JavaScript capable
        Phoenix resources are updated and only Phoenix was heavily tested.
      Version 2.12. Tagged as 'Browse-2_12'
  8. 16 Sep, 2005 1 commit
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      Minor update. · 692c7f02
      Andrew Hodgkinson authored
        !Run files for Phoenix requested TextGadgets 0.29, but this can be 0.28
        now, and has been amended. Signal handling in Main.c revised a bit.
        Tested, works.
      Version 2.11. Tagged as 'Browse-2_11'
  9. 26 Apr, 2005 2 commits
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      Completion of v2.11 check-in of Phoenix (note that the application gets its... · 3cc6300c
      Andrew Hodgkinson authored
      Completion of v2.11 check-in of Phoenix (note that the application gets its reported version number and date from Messages, not the
        VersionNum file, which updates independently).
        Various resources updated. New About stuff included. Modification to
        Hotlist.c to ask DragAnObject to *really* call it in USR mode; requires
        DragAnObject 0.09. New "RMTry" utility in Phoenix to help make finding
        up to date modules more friendly - works well in itself but slows down
        the loading time quite a bit; would be nice to find a better solution.
        This will do in the short term, as it's a definite improvement over
        the way the !Run files used to work.
        Use of DragAnObject 0.09 fixes aborts when trying to drag items around
        in the hotlist.
      Version 2.10. Tagged as 'Browse-2_10'
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      Huge pile of changes bringing relatively ancient sources up to date. · a91dba3d
      Andrew Hodgkinson authored
        This check-in includes Phoenix version 2.11 (26-Apr-2005); only the
        debug and JavaScript builds of Phoenix have been tested and resources
        will definitely be out of date for other versions. The various "!..."
        scripts have been updated to require a minimum of 2MB with no maximum
        limit for building, as CC 5.60 is quite RAM hungry.
        Phoenix 2.11 JS builds OK, works reasonably well. Many outstanding
        issues of course, as this is a very outdated browser now.
      Version 2.09. Tagged as 'Browse-2_09'
  10. 14 Nov, 2000 1 commit
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      Load balancer pulled apart. DebugLib support. Temporary debug in place. · 15db9127
      Andrew Hodgkinson authored
        This is in the middle of some load balancer changes, but I'm checking it
        in as there's a sweeping source code change to use DebugLib. See Global.c
        for full details. Temporary debug code for the load balancer stuff is
        currently held under undocumented area "test".
        This build now identifies itself as 2.08 i2-4 and says Pace on the about:
        page. Run for some time with no unexpected problems. Tried a mixture of
        debug levels successfully.
      Version 2.08. Not tagged
  11. 31 May, 2000 2 commits
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      64-wide comments adopted throughout. All headers protected against multiple... · 1c9291d7
      Andrew Hodgkinson authored
      64-wide comments adopted throughout. All headers protected against multiple inclusion. Use of <> for external headers rather than "". For libraries, <libname/header.h> is used rather than relying on a complex include path, where appropriate. Move towards using external URILib rather than the local copy. Phoenix JavaScript build resources are the only up to date set currently so don't try others; more work still required on Makefile (e.g.
      getting the ROM build working, and internationalisation issues).
      Version 2.08. Not tagged
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      created by srccommit. · 75374a51
      Andrew Hodgkinson authored
  12. 03 Mar, 2000 2 commits
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      Authorisation works for image fetches. Previously authorise_authorise assumed... · 19750522
      Andrew Hodgkinson authored
      Authorisation works for image fetches. Previously authorise_authorise assumed any check was for a browser page. Now looks at the dialogue box client handle, which is 0 for the page or a fetch handle for an image.
      The urlstat structure this relates to now has lasttoken filled in for
      the token the image represents, which gives the URL to which the
      user name and password relate.
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      Further printing tweaks. Font colours inside anchors now work (must be built... · 2eacb2ce
      Andrew Hodgkinson authored
      Further printing tweaks. Font colours inside anchors now work (must be built with the 02-Mar-2000 HTMLLib or later). Event log won't show guts of internal URLs for just-born browser windows if displaying the list by URL. Empty Location headers don't redirect down zero page and give a nasty internal error; raise "no fetcher service found" instead.
  13. 01 Mar, 2000 1 commit
  14. 25 Feb, 2000 2 commits
  15. 10 Sep, 1999 2 commits
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      Another tag name documented · 4ce93485
      Andrew Hodgkinson authored
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      New overview document in Docs, requested by some Pace people. · 7727e69b
      Andrew Hodgkinson authored
      Printing engine will attempt not to seperate headings from non-heading
      items. If the current line is a heading and the next is not, and falls
      off the bottom edge of the paper, then both lines will be carried over
      to the next page. Similarly for DT and DD items. Maximum line height to
      push rather than split is now altered to 2/3 of page height (was 1/2).
      JavaScript fix; a URL's "protocol" value should include a ':' at the end.
  16. 02 Sep, 1999 4 commits
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    • Andrew Hodgkinson's avatar
    • Andrew Hodgkinson's avatar
      Removed svcprint fron objects list of non-debug files and put svcprint.c back... · 4b72e9a0
      Andrew Hodgkinson authored
      Removed svcprint fron objects list of non-debug files and put svcprint.c back to its conditional compilation behaviour.
      Note that as usual, this check-in gives an incomplete set of resources.
      Only the Phoenix build will be reasonably up to date.
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      Long overdue check-in of intermediate browser build, from continued "out of... · 97f8ad76
      Andrew Hodgkinson authored
      Long overdue check-in of intermediate browser build, from continued "out of hours" work. Forgot to add a few files last time too.
      List dialogue box handler complete, and exclusion lists implemented
      within the main browser code. Full documentation in Choices file.
      Save routine knows all about it but is now getting very slow - must
      come up with a better scheme; for now, it puts the hourglass on...
      StripExtensions option controls auto stripping of filename extensions.
      More sensible ancestor / frame selection for keyboard shortcut items
      and the save dialogues - having selected a frame won't lock you into
      it for F3 and related shortcuts now (input focus in URL writable ->
      get ancestor details, input focus in frame -> get frame details). F4
      works in frames. F5 now generally present for 'view source' with a
      corresponding menu entry in the File menu.
      Odd thing in later Res files; there's no action set for Adjust clicks
      on the main ToolAction items in the button bar. Very odd. Nothing
      appears to be set in v2.07 either, yet adjust-click works. Even
      stranger. Anyway, added in the relevant event details (same as for
      Select click in all cases) and this fixes the problem.
      Background colours in the TABLE tag ignored the "don't print any
      backgrounds" Print Style setting. Fixed. Meanwhile, the "black
      text with no backgrounds" option wasn't getting this right either;
      fixed this also.
      Event logging implemented; HTTP errors and script output via.
      window.print extension. No internal error output yet.
      Faith:Never behaviour extended. If ever a server sends something with
      no content type or an unhandleable type, the browser will try and get a
      filetype from the URL. If it gets text or HTML, it'll render the file.
      Else it'll save it. Hacks around IIS 4's lack of a content type field
      in the Marketeye login stuff, and similar other slightly broken sites.
  17. 30 Mar, 1999 1 commit
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      Intermediate check-in; building a browser from this gives you something... · b1a5e090
      Andrew Hodgkinson authored
      Intermediate check-in; building a browser from this gives you something between 2.07 and 2.08. Only the Phoenix JavaScript resources are fully up to date.
      I *think* these are the changes since the last check-in:
      When saved as a Draw file, horizontal rules were plotted one page width
      too far to the right (wonder when that started happening?!). Fixed. In
      addition, DrawFiles now accepted as OBJECTs - they weren't in the
      recognised filetype list before. Doh.
      Table size calculator tables_count_table would overestimate the number
      of cells where ROWSPAN was present and there were other rows below the
      one spanned. Fixed. In certain odd cases (e.g. optimised image exports
      as HTML tables (!!) from the Gimp) this can save vast amounts of RAM.
      Fixed problem where printing stops in the middle of a document. Redraw
      engine pagination code was written in the days where lines couldn't
      have gaps between them; they can now. If a gap fell at the bottom of
      a page the engine would look down, see no line straddling or touching
      the page edge, and assume there was nothing more. This case is now
      correctly handled.
      Made sure desktop and testbed Browse Res files had up-to-date Encoding
      menus (v2.07 Phoenix has different menus from v2.07 Browse by oversight).
      URL auto-completion piggy-backed onto manual completion code; any string
      without '.', '/' or ':' in it gets run through completion to see if a
      more meaningful item can be produced - "www" special cased out though.
      New List dialogue box handler, used for proxy exclusions etc.
      (incomplete), complete with appropriate Res file objects.
  18. 24 Feb, 1999 1 commit
  19. 14 Oct, 1998 1 commit
  20. 13 Oct, 1998 1 commit
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      Tweaks to export rules in Makefile - ResJ source for JavaScript builds, all of... · 43e7781f
      Andrew Hodgkinson authored
      Tweaks to export rules in Makefile - ResJ source for JavaScript builds, all of User dir exported, resources rule exports About as well as User.
      Handles images with a width or height of 0 specified in the HTML.
      Previously went for a default size placeholder and changes to image
      sizes and/or redraw problems could occur before/after subsequent
      reformatting (involved trivial changes to image_get_image_size and
      image_redraw_area only).
      Default parameter HRs now plot properly in rectangular pixel modes.
      Choices code updated to cope with the minimum font size, JS support,
      watchdog on/off and timeout, Navigator object option added generally
      (act even *more* like Navigator), image GC after fetch, and image
      GC unused image / free RAM constraints.
      Code in JSnavigator.c updated to obey new "act more like Navigator"
      option (see above). Currently declares itself as version 3.0.
      Resources for all builds are up to date. All links in default hotlist
      verified and corrected where necessary, with several new links added.
      This is Release v2.07. Not tested very much, sorry; YMMV.
  21. 06 Oct, 1998 1 commit
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      Another intermediate version, rather more stable than the last I hope. · 6ff9e19e
      Andrew Hodgkinson authored
      Lazy clearing of backgrounds - pages with the same background image or
      colour won't be cleared to grey when going from one to the next anymore.
      BODY element onLoad script attribute implemented properly (beyond the
      Customer hackery).
      Images use independent flex blocks for URL and transient fetch data;
      greatly improved data throughput in image system as a result. Image
      renumbering implemented - speeds up closing of pages / frames with
      many images. Image xref is still rather slow though and images with
      a 0 width or height specified in the HTML still cause an incorrectly
      formatted page to appear.
      Have, I think, fixed the "stops anti-aliasing" bug. Noticed that some
      background images are not being processed as Fast (e.g. at the
      Fibblesnork Lego Guide) - that old problem has reappeared, then.
      Background images would cross reference when two pages had the same
      background colour set in <body> elements but one was configured to use
      document colours and one wasn't (so xref should not occur). Code was
      looking at b->background_colour; corrected to call redraw_backcol(b).
      Titles were added to the history according to the fetch URL not the
      display URL, though the former is more likely to be in the history due
      to the code execution order in the fetcher; changed to see whether this
      improves upon the rather hit and miss addition of titles.
      The 'about:' page now gets entered into the history (makes for much more
      sensible behaviour if it is configured as a Home page, for example).
  22. 23 Sep, 1998 1 commit
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      Another intermediate check-in, resources may not be up to date; items most... · d78a1df8
      Andrew Hodgkinson authored
      Another intermediate check-in, resources may not be up to date; items most likely to be buildable are PhoenixJ and BrowseD. Done because I'm about to make some rather dodgy changes to code otherwise unchanged since the Customer browser and I may well have to back them out...
      In Handlers.c now set the HFlags_HasBeenVisited bit of a token at the point
      it is first clicked on. Means the link returns to a "visited" colour after
      the highlight flash immediately. This will persist for as long as the browser
      window is kept open on that page, though if the URL doesn't end up making it
      into the history for whatever reason it would "unhighlight" on reload; fair
      enough, really. The highlight is window-local, so there are no redraw worries
      for other open windows with links to the same URL (though other same-URL
      links on the same page aren't updated either).
      All forms submissions force a reload (principally for eudoramail.com, but
      many other sites have similar requirements).
      !MkClean and !MkClnAll didn't correctly call the utility to strip Makefile
      dependencies. Fixed.
      On fetch closedown, fetchpage_preprocess_token could be called on a token
      which had already been run through the preprocessor. Now checks the flags
      word before proceeding.
      Image RAM cache and garbage collection system implemented - see new Choices
      file entries CollectAfter, FreeRAMLimit and UnusedImageLimit to get an
      overview. This contains groundwork for JavaScript image array support.
      More JavaScript support improvements. Any one window object will know its
      parent, top, this, etc.; frames array working except for a frameset created
      via. multiple documents; opener for something created with window.open is
      currently not set and don't know why (property is being created, pointer to
      valid object is held, but JS engine returns 'null'. Ho hum) - JSChain won't
      work yet, then.
  23. 10 Sep, 1998 1 commit
  24. 07 Sep, 1998 2 commits
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      Forgot to mention last time: The frames code changes in Frames.c mean the... · d570a90f
      Andrew Hodgkinson authored
      Forgot to mention last time: The frames code changes in Frames.c mean the frames array stuff in JavaScript will be broken. I'll get round to fixing it up eventually. (I did say this was an intermediate check-in...!)
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      Everyone else seems to be checking lots of stuff in lately, so I've decided to... · 25b4a552
      Andrew Hodgkinson authored
      Everyone else seems to be checking lots of stuff in lately, so I've decided to join in. This is an intermediate check-in and so not all resources etc. will be up to date. You should be able to make Phoenix and a debug build out of it. As a reminder, to make a JavaScript build:
       * Build JSLib and NSPRLib. Recommend you leave -DUSEMEMLIB in there (as
         used by default) so you can watch it leak into a dynamic area... :-)
         If you do this, you'll need to build MemLib too, of course. If you
         do NOT use MemLib, *undefine JS_USING_MEMLIB in Main.c*!
       * Run !MkClean. This now strips dynamic dependencies from the MakeFile
         automatically, to save you having to do it yourself.
       * Run one of the TaskObey files with the "J" suffix, e.g. !DeskBrwsJ -
         this uses the same .o directory for object files and exports to the
         same position in the Targets directory as the non-JavaScript build,
         but it does produce a unique binary in 'abs' and symbols table in
       * Sourcing an appropriate !Run (with increased WimpSlot value), !Boot
         and About resource is done automatically.
       * Some, but not all of the !xxxD (debug) TaskObey files will make
         JavaScript versions in passing - check the JSUFFIX value on the Make
         command line parameters in the file.
      This'll only work on RISC OS 3.1 due to the use of MemLib.
      Here's the change list:
      Included MNG icons in sprites files; added Sprites23 for some builds.
      Added in ANT URL file icon (b28) derived from URI file icon, because
      the Save dialogue can need it.
      No, you do *not* need to define the same keyboard shortcuts in each
      frame since the ancestor keeps the input focus and we've basically
      dropped non-nested Wimp support. Maintaining no less than 4 lists of
      identical shortcuts was a pain. Some Res files now only have the
      lists in the main browser window and button bar objects (these two
      are both required still).
      Ursula build Markers button arrangement changed from 1x3 horizontal to
      2x2 tilted, as in Phoenix, by popular demand.
      Couple of hotlist bugs fixed; dragging an item and deleteing it with
      Ctrl+X didn't terminate the drag, and deleteting an item underneath a
      menu opened for it didn't close the menu.
      'SendReferer' option added to all Choices files, all set to 'always'.
      Put just beneath 'Clone' as it refers to header items, though really,
      both Clone and SendReferer should probably be in the "Fetch controls"
      section rather than "Multiuser environments and proxying"! Front-end
      control of this is available.
      In image_export_original, save_save_source, save_transfer_source and
      save_save_object, flex_set_budge(0) was called to lock the heap but the
      return value wasn't stored. flex_set_budge(1) was then used to unlock
      the heap. All calls now remember and restore the old value, which is
      both safer in case one calls another and allows the flex_set_budge
      call in Main.c to have an application-wide meaning, as intended.
      Some restructuring to the data load and RAM transfer sections of
      Protocols.c; remote hotlist builds wouldn't allow files to be loaded
      to browser windows before, and can now drop URL, URI or text files to
      the Open URL dialogue.
      New option "MinimumFontSize", lets the 'size' attribute of the 'font'
      element be overridden. Default value is 1, to allow the full range of
      values for the attribute. Setting to 7, for example, would give font
      size 7 text at all times. Another new option, "ToggleOnXOnly", to
      make Toggle Size only extend the window vertically (with Ctrl then
      being used to toggle to genuine full size, rather than vice versa).
      All Choices files updated to hold both of these options; only the
      first has front-end control available (see debug build Res file).
      JavaScript Document object exists; frames array etc. working. Can now
      just about use "http://www.acorn.com/~ahodgkin/jschain/" but it does
      abort after a bit - problems with frames again, I suspect. Is is pretty
      slow, too. Can now press Escape to terminate a script.
      Main.c erroneously referred to Controls file entry "StopWebServe" as
      "StopWebProxy". Fixed.
      Keyboard shortcuts to raise SaveFile are now possible in a general sense;
      the code before was in the ToBeShown handler and just checked for a parent
      component of -1. It then assumed "save frame HTML source". Now there's the
      savefile_raise_from_shortcut function, which together with the seven new
      event codes in SaveFile.h allows saving of HTML source and frame location,
      export of links, images, backgrounds and the page as text or draw, to all
      be invoked by keyboard shortcuts. Some Res files have some of these defined.
      In reformat_check_height, the first check to see if setpara should be set
      references a field in tpLast without checking if it is NULL. Whilst the
      'line > 0' check should mean that tpLast wasn't NULL anyway, a direct
      call to the function from outside of the reformatter might have tripped
      up on this - the check for tpLast != NULL is now made.
      Adjust-click on close icon in window showing file: URL attempts to open
      the parent Filer window.
      Reformatter used to try and find a selectable token if keyboard control
      was enabled in a really stupid place - could make reformatting become
      very slow if no selectables were present, especially if the page had a
      few tables on it. Preprocessor now does this (since it goes through all
      of the tokens anyway), the reformatter just doing a last check to ensure
      no frames have obscured the selectable and if so, it tries to move it.
      Done in the reformatter as generating a line array implies the data really
      is visible.
      Ctrl+Tab URL completion now builds a full list of matches from the hotlist
      and history and can cycle through them (Ctrl+Shift+Tab stepping backwards).
      Will give a real error rather than just "Data Abort" if it goes wrong
      now. Someone somewhere is setting bit 30 of the error which confused
      the replacement signal handler. Flag bits are now masked off (as they
      should've been to start with).
  25. 23 Jul, 1998 1 commit
    • Stewart Brodie's avatar
      Added capability to send Referer headers, together with new options to allow... · d0afdd82
      Stewart Brodie authored
      Added capability to send Referer headers, together with new options to allow this to be sent: a) Always, b) Never, c) when the URL referred to is an http URL.  Default is c.  There is no frontend editing capability for this option.  This addition means that various counters and sites that rely on referer to indicate a resource upon which an operation is to be carried out will now work (eg. rating a web site on Geocities).
  26. 10 Jul, 1998 1 commit
  27. 09 Jul, 1998 2 commits