Commit d3cf3433 authored by Steve Revill's avatar Steve Revill
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Fix the target names to have a ! in them (unlike other screensavers).

parent ec1faa0f
......@@ -559,9 +559,9 @@ Scrolling RES Video.UserI.ScrSavers.Scrolling ScrSaver
Slider RES Video.UserI.ScrSavers.Slider ScrSavers Slider
Smear RES Video.UserI.ScrSavers.Smear ScrSavers Smear
Swarm RES Video.UserI.ScrSavers.Swarm ScrSavers Swarm
Snow RES ThirdParty.7thsoftware.Video.UserI.ScrSavers.Snow ThirdParty Snow
Rain RES ThirdParty.7thsoftware.Video.UserI.ScrSavers.Rain ThirdParty Rain
Random RES ThirdParty.7thsoftware.Video.UserI.ScrSavers.Random ThirdParty Random
Snow RES ThirdParty.7thsoftware.Video.UserI.ScrSavers.Snow ThirdParty !Snow
Rain RES ThirdParty.7thsoftware.Video.UserI.ScrSavers.Rain ThirdParty !Rain
Random RES ThirdParty.7thsoftware.Video.UserI.ScrSavers.Random ThirdParty !Random
AcornLogoSetup RES Video.UserI.ScrSavers.AcornLogo.Settings ScrSavers AcornLogoSetup
CirclesSetup RES Video.UserI.ScrSavers.Circles.Settings ScrSavers CirclesSetup
ScrBounceSetup RES Video.UserI.ScrSavers.ScrBounce.Settings ScrSavers ScrBounceSetup
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