Commit d124fe1b authored by Steve Revill's avatar Steve Revill
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Doh! Two components in wrong order

parent ec50da53
...@@ -161,9 +161,9 @@ AcornNCLib -type EXP ...@@ -161,9 +161,9 @@ AcornNCLib -type EXP
HTMLLib -type EXP HTMLLib -type EXP
BrowseHTMLLib -type EXP BrowseHTMLLib -type EXP
zlib -type EXP zlib -type EXP
ImageLib -type EXP
ImageLibJPEG -type EXP ImageLibJPEG -type EXP
ImageLibPNG -type EXP ImageLibPNG -type EXP
ImageLib -type EXP
JSLib -type EXP JSLib -type EXP
# Miscellaneous disc stuff # Miscellaneous disc stuff
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