Commit 4d3a6a33 authored by ROOL's avatar ROOL 🤖
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Add Player to ModuleDB & BonusBin

parent e123d608
......@@ -112,6 +112,9 @@ ResEd -options INSTDIR=<Install$Dir>.BonusBin.Apps.DDE
ResTest -options INSTDIR=<Install$Dir>.BonusBin.Apps.DDE
ResCreate -options INSTDIR=<Install$Dir>.BonusBin.Apps.DDE
SrcEdit -options INSTDIR=<Install$Dir>.BonusBin.Apps.DDE
Player -options INSTDIR=<Install$Dir>.BonusBin.Apps
SamplePlayer -options INSTDIR=<Install$Dir>.BonusBin.Apps.!Player
MIDIPlayer -options INSTDIR=<Install$Dir>.BonusBin.Apps.!Player
# Bonus modules
......@@ -359,6 +359,7 @@ MessagesData DATA Sources.Internat.Messages
MessagesHigh ASM Sources.Internat.Messages Internat MessagesHI
MessageTrans ASM Sources.Internat.MsgTrans Internat MsgTrans
MIDI4 ASM closed.RiscOS.Sources.Audio.MIDI.MIDI4 Audio MIDI4
MIDIPlayer ASM Sources.Audio.MIDIPlay Audio MPlay
MIDISynthesiser ASM closed.RiscOS.Sources.Audio.MIDI.Synth Audio Synth
MimeMap C Sources.Networking.MimeMap Networking MimeMap
MManager ASM Sources.Networking.AUN.MManagerBlob Networking MManager
......@@ -496,6 +497,7 @@ RTCAdjust ASM Sources.HWSupport.RTCAdjust
RTSupport C Sources.Programmer.RTSupport Programmer RTSupport
SAfrica ASM Sources.Internat.Territory.TerritoryModule Internat SAfrica
SampleExp C closed.RiscOS.Sources.Audio.SampleExp Audio SampleExp
SamplePlayer ASM Sources.Audio.SamplePlayer Audio Player
SATADriver C Sources.HWSupport.ATA.SATADriver HWSupport SATADriver
SaveAs C Sources.Toolbox.SaveAs Toolbox SaveAs
Scale C Sources.Toolbox.Scale Toolbox Scale
......@@ -785,6 +787,7 @@ PatchesTCPIP RES closed.RiscOS.Sources.Utilities.Patches.TCP/IP
Patience BAS Sources.Apps.Diversions.Patience Apps Patience
PhotoView C closed.RiscOS.Sources.Apps.PhotoView Apps PhotoView
PiCopy BAS Sources.Utilities.PiCopy Apps PiCopy
Player BAS Sources.Apps.Player Apps Player
PMonitor C Sources.Printing.Modules.PMonitor Printing PMonitor
Public RES Sources.SystemRes.Public SystemRes Public
Puzzle RES Sources.Apps.Diversions.Puzzle Apps Puzzle
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