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    Added a new Makefile fragment · 23e9df41
    Ben Avison authored
      This is useful for building tools during the course of a main build where
      the build host is of an incompatible architecture to the target - for example
      building an Iyonix ROM on a Risc PC or an architecture-tuned Beagleboard ROM
      on an Iyonix.  For now it relies on re-using the target architecture versions
      of CApp and other makefile fragments so it's not suitable for cross-
      compilation yet (in other words, the host system is still assumed to be a
      RISC OS machine).
      Tested by building an APCS-R target on an Iyonix (with a few tweaks - we
      can't link with the APCS-R stubs on an Iyonix, but the stubs should be
      architecture-invariant within the same calling standard so this isn't a
      real problem).
    Version 4.75. Tagged as 'BuildSys-4_75'
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