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    Added CTools disc build, and various supporting changes · 13d9ef8b
    Ben Avison authored
      * Updates to CModule makefile fragment to reduce the number of OS-specific
        rules in main Makefiles:
        + Added (RAM|ROM)(C|ASM)DEFINES variables. These allow the calling makefile
          to specify additional defines for RAM or ROM builds of C or assembler
          source files respectively. Traditionally this was done by having separate
          object files for RAM and ROM corresponding at least to whichever source
          file was responsible for interfacing with ResourceFS, but this requires
          messy additional rules. With this new approach, it is necessary to clean
          the component when switching between RAM and ROM builds, but I don't
          think this will affect many people's workflows.
        + Added CMHGDEPENDS. This should be used to specify which object files need
          a static dependency upon the h file autogenerated from the cmhg file.
          It should be specified in the usual form for object files passed to
          CModule - with neither an o. prefix nor a .o suffix.
      * Added TBOXINTLIB to ModuleLibs makefile fragment.
      * AsmUtils, HdrSrc, TCPIPheaders, ToolboxLib and UnicodeLib all upgraded in
        ModuleDB from EXP to ASM or C components, to permit them to be built in the
        install phase. As a result, those other Components files that didn't
        already do so now need to override this back to -type EXP.
      * BuildHost Components file edited to reflect the fact that binaof, binasm,
        modgen and ResGen now have separate install phases for executables and
        Docs files.
      The new Components file uses various components that are not publicly
      released, so it can only sensibly be used internally by ROOL. However, it's
      more convenient for us to keep it alongside the other Components files - and
      it also serves as an illustration of how to do a disc build.
    Version 4.77. Tagged as 'BuildSys-4_77'
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